Street Food Policy: Application Guidelines

The following guide outlines objectives of the Street Food Policy (SFP) and assists the online application process.   


Objectives of the Street Food Vending Program

  • activate and revitalise public places, encourage social interaction and enhance the community sense of safety and wellbeing;
  • encourage novel and creative entrepreneurial activities or start-up businesses, stimulating the local economy;
  • encourage street food in areas that are suited to the purpose, including appropriate areas of the Central Business District (CBD);
  • provide a unique outdoor experience;
  • ensure equity of access to public spaces.

Where are the Locations?

The SFP identifies 18 locations where street vendors can operate.  You can view these locatons on a map. The location details are listed below:



No. of Locations



CBD (incl. Bicentennial Park but excl. The Mall)


Two designated locations at Tamarind Park or up to 4 undesiganted locations within the CBD area at one time.


East Point


Up to 4 undesignated locations at Lake Alexander or Dudley Point only.


Jingili Watergardens


Two designated locations in the northern and southern car parks.


Nightcliff Foreshore


  • Two designated locations at the Jetty
  • Two designated locations in front of the Nightcliff Pool
  • Two desingated locations on the coastal side of the Nightcliff Pool


Rapid Creek Foreshore


  • One designated location at Windsurfers Corner car park.
  • One designated location at Chapman Road car park.

Other locations will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the policy.


CBD location guidlines:

If you are interested in operating a food business in the CBD, you will need to ensure that you have consulted wtih nearby "bricks and mortar" food businesses as part of your proposal.  Contact us if you require further information.

What are the Permit Fees?

Per Day/Single Event


Per Month


Per Quarter


Per Annum


Access to Power (for some single permit events only)


Can more than one vendor operate at a specific location?

Yes (depending on hours of operation).  City of Darwin encourages multiple use of each location to reflect the diversity of experience.

What are the hours of operation?

Hours of operation are generally restricted to outside normal business hours, weekends and public holidays. Permits in residential areas will be restricted to hours of operation that preserve neighbourhood amenity and do not cause a general disturbance.

Can I sell alcohol?


Who can apply?

Casual street food operators who can work with City of Darwin in activating public space, offering a unique cullinary experience, are encouraged to apply. City of Darwin are looking for innovative and creative vendors who seek to revitalise Darwin's outdoor spaces.  

In line with the SFP, prospective vendors must offer a unique, mobile-based, street food operation; that is, from a vehicle or mobile facility.  

When can I apply?

Applications for single event permits can be submitted at any time.  

Expressions of Interest for seasonal permits (monthly, quarterly, annual) will be sought in February each year.  City of Darwin may seek EOI's at other times during the season.

    How do I apply?

    Applications can be submitted online via the website.

    What information will I need to have before I apply?

    In preparation for your application, you will need the following documentation:

    • a detailed site plan showing your food vehicle and proposed layout, including dimensions, service window, counter, power source, etc.
    • the size and weight dimensions of the vehicle
    • images or proposed design of branding and decal/wrap of the food vehicle
    • a one page business plan 
    • details of your marking plan, including online or tangible advertising, signage etc
    • a cleaning and waste management plan
    • demonstrate a local community and business need for the intended operation   

    The following following document can be submitted at the time of application and must be supplied if you are successful:

    • proof of NT business registration
    • proof of registration of a Food Business with the Northern Territory Department of Health
    • public and product liability insurance (this can be provided upon successful application)
    • if required, proof of food vehicle registration     

    Can I apply for more than one location?

    Yes, multiple permits can be issued to a single vendor.  Permits are issued per location and so a separate application is required for each location and the applicable fees are charged per permit.

    How are the applications assessed?

    Street food vending applications will be considered on their individual merits and assessed by a panel against the selection criteria details in the SFP.  All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the assessment, and successful applicants will be requested to provide any outstanding registration documentation.  Upon payment of the applicable fees, the permit will be authorised by the designated Responsible Officer as per the SFP.

    I have a monthly permit.  If I want to continue trading, can I just pay for another month, or do I have to renew my permit?  

    Permits are not automatically renewed.  You will need to contact Customer Services to discuss renewing your permit.  

    If I trade for one day per week, will I pay less than a vendor who trades several times per week?

    Permits are issued daily, montly, quarterly or annually for a specific period of activity, not on a 'pay-per-use' basis.  The cost is for the permit period.

    Can City of Darwin cancel my permit?

    If upon inspection, City of Darwin determines that the conditions of the permit are not being met, your permit may be cancelled.  Permit fees will not be refunded.

    Who should you contact?

    Should you wish to discuss this further, please contact Customer Services 08 8930 0300.