Street Food Vending Application Form

Have questions?  Please read the application guidelines before filling out this form.

Objectives of the Street Food Policy:

  1. To activate and revitalise public places and encourage social interaction and enhance the community sense of safety and wellbeing;
  2. To encourage novel and creative entrepreneurial activities or start-up businesses stimulating the local economy;
  3. To encourage Street Food in areas that are suited to the purpose including appropriate areas of the central business district;
  4. To provide a unique outdoor dining experience;
  5. To ensure street food businesses operate within the intent of the values of this policy; and
  6. To ensure equity of access to public spaces.

Application Requirements:
  1. Copy of Business Registration and ABN.*
  2. Copy of registration as a Food Business with the Department of Health.*
  3. Copy of Public Liability Insurance for $20,000,000 for any single occurrance.*
  4. A detailed site plan of the proposed operation, including the vehicle or food vending facility, the proposed area(s) of operation and any power and water requirements (including the use of generators). 
  5. Size and weight dimensions of the vehicle. 
  6. Include images or proposed design of branding and decal/wrap of street food vehicle.

*Note: registration and insurance documentation may be submitted later.

Applicant Details

eg 08 8xxx xxxx or 04xx xxx xxx
eg 08 8xxx xxxx or 04xx xxx xxx


Applicant/Business Address

Business Description

1. Type of Mobile Set Up

2. Dimensions

Describe the weight and size of the vehicle, or upload any diagrams or site plans below.

3. Food Service Description

Please describe the type of food to be served.

4.Customer Experience, Space Activation & Business Plan

Please describe how your operation will enhance the public amenity and address the following:

  1. Customer expectations - describe the consumer experience in relation to the location.
  2. Local community and business need for the proposed Street Food operation.
  3. Your proposed plan to ensure the safety and non-impedement of other stakeholders (patrons, staff, traffic, other activities).
  4. Reasoning for the proposed location, and if adjacent to existing food businesses, evidence of consultation.
  5. Any power and water requirements including the use of generators, and if a generator is in use, how this WILL NOT impact neighbouring residents.
  6. Advertising and marketing, including online and social media.
  7. Cleaning, maintenance and waste management plan.

Business Compliance

Business & Food Business Registration

If your application is successful, your mobile food operation must be a registered business AND be registered as a food business with the NT Department of Health. If you are registered already, please upload these documents now.


Public and Product Liability Insurance is required to the value of $20,000,000 for any one occurrance. Please upload a copy of your PLI below.

Operation Preferences

Please review all the locations and choose at least one location.  Choosing more than one location is recommended in case your initial selection(s) are not successful.  

If you are seeking a locations with access to power and water these locations are listed with the suffx [P/W]. 

If you are considering a location that is not listed here, please provide details in the Additional Information section if not already detailed in your business plan.

Addtional Information

Please provide or upload any additional information below: