Public Art

Council aims to enhance Darwin as a centre of cultural excellence by commissioning works of public art that celebrate, mark and reveal aspects of community life and most importantly, provide the community with artwork to interact with, explore and enjoy.

Councils Public Art Program includes consultation with community members, stakeholders and key arts sector representatives, in keeping with the principles outlined in City of Darwin’s Public Art Policy and Public Art Guidelines.

For more information on Public Art opportunities, or to register your interest, please contact the Arts and Cultural Development Coordinator on 8930 0674 or email

City of Darwin Public Art Pilot Plan

Our Public Art Pilot Plan was developed in direct response to committed actions in Council’s Arts Plan 2015 – 2020.  The plan seeks to develop a strategic approach to the commissioning of contemporary public art, recognising the need to build local capacity and skills relevant to public art.  This includes generating professional development opportunities for local artists and encouraging community debate around the role of public art.

The Public Art Pilot Plan presents three models of commissioning:

  • Public Art Platforms – for changing artworks
  • Integrated Art – direct engagement model
  • Stand Alone Art – the limited competition model

Each pilot project has a different focus and model of delivery. This will assist Council Officers to evaluate and assess the success of each model alongside identified priorities in the Arts Plan 2015-2020.

Council is committed to deliver a clear policy framework for public art. The pilot plan builds on this, presenting a clear framework for implementation and action.

By committing to community engagement, facilitation, workshops and public art forums Council will encourage discourse on arts investment and focus on the values that arts and culture and our artists bring to the life of our city.

There are currently no Expressions of Interest.

Featured Artwork

East Point - Intertwined by Aly de Groot 

Tamarind Park – Meeting Place

Tamarind Park was upgraded in 2015 as part of major projects delivered through the City Centre Masterplan.

Part of the revitalisation of the park included

  • a pathway to open up space
  • free Wi-Fi
  • improved lighting
  • new places to relax
  • integrated infrastructure designed by Larrakia artists.
Council’s Commitment to Arts and Culture

Larrakia artists worked with the redevelopment team in realising this screened work featured in the revitalised park. The work titled Meeting Place features etched drawings depicting symbols of ‘dreaming food and medicine’ traditionally important to the Larrakia people and relevant to this site.

Temporary Public Art Program

Temporary public art is defined as art in the public domain intended for temporary display. This includes ephemeral art. Ephemeral art is defined as art designed to change or decay over time. Temporary/ephemeral works may include performance, sound, light, visual, sculptural, technological and ‘augmented reality’ (virtual) works.

The Photo Fence by Johanna Bell and Jennifer Pinkerton

Using a series of large, waterproof posters the artists presented a series of photographs hung on a cyclone fence on a prominent city corner.  This work was presented as a conversation starter for locals and visitors as well as a vehicle for sharing historic information and local stories in 2015.








The City of Darwin is seeking proposals for Temporary Public Art which

- encourages place making

- activates public spaces

- engages with the Darwin Community

- provides a professional development opportunity for local artists, in particular emerging public artists


Refer to Temporary Public Art Guidelines for further details.  This program is only open to artists that permanently reside in Darwin.

For enquiries contact the Coordinator Arts and Cultural Development

Ph. 89 300674 or email