HMS Beagle Ship Bell Chime

hms beagle bell

The HMS Beagle Ship Bell Chime was commissioned by City of Darwin in 2009 to celebrate 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin (1809-1883).

Created by Dr Anton Hasell of Australian Bell Pty Ltd, the Bell Chime is a publicly accessible musical instrument linking Darwin City to Charles Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle from 1831-1836.

The Port of Darwin was sighted by John Lort Stokes in 1839 and was named in Darwin’s honour by his friend and former shipmate John Clements Wickham.

Featuring a series of cast bronze bells and a replica HMS Beagle ship’s bell, cast in brass, the HMS Beagle Ship Bell Chime brings together the separate Eastern and Western bell traditions.

Whilst in Australia, Darwin was amazed at the varietal range of the parrot species, and a selection of these, cast in bronze from the small Budgerigar to the large Black Cockatoo, are perched on top of each bell.

G# Red Crested Black Cockatoo

A# Galah

C# Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

D# Crimson Rosella

F# Eastern Rosella

G# Red-collared Lorikeet

A# HMS Beagle

C# Night Parrot

D# Cockatiel

F# Budgerigar

G# Wild Budgerigar

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Musical Program

The HMS Beagle Ship Bell Chime is programmed to sound at regular times of the day, featuring musical compositions by local composers and composers from around the world.

Download the current musical program here

Listen to the compositions below:

  Convergence by Kris Keogh

  Origin of the Stars by Madeleine Davey

  Unwind by Anthony Jarvis

Sound recordings by Jeremy Conlon - Left of Elephant Sound


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