Ryland Road Intersection Upgrades

Changes to Intersections along Ryland Road, Rapid Creek

There are two intersections along Ryland Road that are being changed, at the interections of Rossiter Road and at Clarke Crescent.

The construction of the Ryland Road intersection upgrades will commence on Monday, 11 July 2016.

Traffic management will be implemented during project construction to manage the safety of all road users.

Ryland Road and Clark Crescent will remain open, however there will be partial lane closures for the work areas, as required.  

Traffic controllers will be in place to ensure traffic moves through the intersections safely. (For more information on the traffic controls for Ryland Rd / Clarke Cres see these diagrams )

There will be a short term road closure of access to/from Ryland Road from Rossiter Street whilst works are being conducted across the intersection.   

Please seek and alternative route, of seek assistance from the site traffic controller if required.  (For more information on the traffic controls for Ryland Rd / Rossiter St see these diagrams )

 It is envisaged that the works will take a total of six weeks to complete.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these works.


How are these intersections being upgraded?

These intersections have been designed in accordance with current standards and will provide improved outcomes for all road users.

Ryland Road/Rossiter Road intersection

A raised road surface platform including:

- new pedestrian refuge islands

- kerb alignment and new kerb

- new line marking

Ryland Road/Clarke Crescent intersection

A roundabout including:

- a ‘mountable’ roundabout with sloping edges

- new pedestrian refuge islands

- new pedestrian paths.