Daly Street / Smith Street Intersection Upgrade

Update 15 June 2016: At the 1st Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 14 June, Council unanimously voted to cease all planned works on the Smith and Daly Street Intersection until further options are investigated to improve the safety of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.

Project Details

The Daly Street / Smith Street intersection upgrade will replace the existing roundabout with traffic lights, and will include on-road cycling facilities. The intersection upgrade is a Darwin City Centre Master Plan project, which provides a vision for improving the liveability of Darwin city.

Traffic analysis has found that the existing roundabout caters for the current traffic volumes but will not be able to cater for the expected near future traffic volumes. There have been 22 recorded accidents at the intersection in the last five years of which nine were casualty accidents. The upgraded intersection will be easier and safer for pedestrians and bike riders to navigate and is considered the most appropriate treatment for all road users.

Traffic lights at this intersection will improve connectivity and amenity at this major entry point into Darwin city.

The estimated cost of the intersection upgrade is $1,217,000. The project is being funded as follows:

  • $550,277 Australian Government Black Spot Funding Program
  • $666,723 City of Darwin funding