Share the Path, Share the Road and Stay Alert

City of Darwin has today launched a new safety awareness campaign reminding cyclists, motorists, pedestrians and other recreational path users to Share the Path, Share the Road, as part of an education initiative of the City of Darwin Bike Plan.

Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim said the education campaign came just in time for the school holidays and focussed on the responsibilities and rights of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians equally.

“Share the Path, Share the Road is an exciting new animated campaign, encouraging all residents to use our paths and roads courteously and safely,” said Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim.

“Darwin has a large, diverse community of recreational, on-road and off-road cyclists, and it’s important that the community understand the rights of all path and road users.”

Cyclists are reminded to ensure bikes are safely equipped with lights and bells, to slow down when overtaking other path users and alert those they intend to overtake by ringing their bell. Other path users, such as walkers, joggers and skateboarders, are reminded to stay alert, keep to the left and to move off the path when stopping for a chat.

The Lord Mayor is also reminding on-road cyclists and motorists remain vigilant at all times and to share the road. 

“On-road bike riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists,” the Lord Mayor added.

“Bike riders are required to obey the same road rules as vehicles, and everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings, predictable and safe.”

The Share the Path television commercial will run for one week, and is set to return along with the Share the Road commercial for a larger bicycle education campaign in February.

The Share the Path TVC can be found here.