Cyclone Watch - Tropical Low

Media Release: Saturday 4 March 15.55pm

A Cyclone WATCH has been issued for the Darwin region by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) this morning.

City of Darwin is making preparations in the event that the threat to the local area increases and strongly urges residents and visitors to do the same.

City of Darwin CEO, Brendan Dowd, said Council is taking the threat very seriously.

"We are keeping a very close eye on the movements of the tropical low” he said.  

"While we have not yet entered full activation mode, we are taking action behind the scenes to make sure we are ready for any potential outcome from this weather event.

"We urge residents take steps to prepare themselves and their homes and to think about what action they may need to take if the threat increases.”

Council is reminding residents to ensure any loose items around their home, which could potentially cause injury or damage due to extreme winds, is removed or at the very least securely tied down.

Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility is still open and residents are urged to take any loose items to landfill to prevent further damage.

Pet owners are being urged to keep their pets safe and ensure they have a cyclone kit prepared for their pets, The Pound is now closed for the weekend and could remain closed if the Cyclone Watch develops into a warning.

Other Council facilities and services such as libraries remain open as per standard opening hours at this stage.

City of Darwin is continuing to monitor the situation and further advice will be issued as required.

Further information on preparing for a tropical cyclone, please visit