Traffic Lights

City of Darwin controls sets of traffic lights at busy city and suburban road intersections, as well as sets of pedestrian crossing lights and flashing yellow lights.

Council is responsible for traffic lights at the intersections of:

  • Cavenagh and Bennett Streets (City)
  • Cavenagh and Knuckey Streets (City)
  • Cavenagh and Daly Streets (City)
  • Knuckey and Smith Streets (City)
  • Knuckey and Mitchell Streets (City)
  • Mitchell and Daly Streets (City)
  • Gardens Hill Road and Gilruth Avenue (City)
  • Dick Ward Drive and Ross Smith Avenue (Fannie Bay)
  • Lee Point Road and Parer Drive (Moil)
  • Trower Road and Linton Road (Casuarina)
  • Trower Road and Bradshaw Terrace (Casuarina)

The Council also manages the pedestrian crossing lights at Salonika Street on Gilruth Avenue, Dickward Drive, the Arafura Bowling Club on East Point Road and the Red Rooster outlet on Trower Road, and the flashing yellow lights at the Nightcliff shops on Progress Drive and the Darwin Post Office on Cavenagh Street.

Faulty traffic or pedestrian lights can be reported to the Council on phone 8930 0300 or email

Traffic lights not controlled by the Council are managed by the Northern Territory Government's Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI).

To report problems with lights on Northern Territory Government DPI roads, please go to the NT Transport Group site.