Water - a Precious Commodity

Water is expensive and precious and an important factor, particularly during the dry season.

Due to the variety of habitats in the Top End , there is a wide range of native plants from which to choose. Try and select trees from the same or similar habitats either for the whole garden or for sections within the garden. This will allow for areas of low water requirements and maintenance.

Think about a Northern Territory open forest or woodland garden. This concept can be almost maintenance free and survive without water throughout the dry season.

Do consider trickle irrigation right from the word go when planting out your garden. This, of course, is not always possible but it really should be considered no matter how new or how mature your garden might be.

There are now any number of easy-to-install irrigation systems for home use, and clock timers give the home gardener a freedom and control unknown twenty years ago. Remember, too, that it is most effective and most economical to water at night. Watering at night reduces evaporation and trickle irrigation is the most economical and effective method of watering.

When installing a micro-irrigation system it is a good idea to include a filter to help prevent individual emitters blocking. This simple step can save you a lot of time and trouble further down the line.