Planting Lawns

There are a number of grasses that grow well and are relatively easy to maintain in the Darwin climate. In Darwin, however, it is prudent to sow seed so that a good growth is established before the wet season rains can erode soil and young growth.

Planting a new lawn is best undertaken between May and the end of July, but be aware that Bahia grass is slow to establish - at least 28 days. However, before attempting to plant any grass give due consideration to the maintenance required and the water bill to follow! You may well consider that a mix of lawn and easy care ground cover is a viable option and kinder on the pocket.

The most effective control of weeds in lawns is a proper and continuing program of watering, fertilising and mowing. Deep and regular watering is essential to promote good root growth.

Frequent light watering encourages shallow surface root systems that make vegetation vulnerable to dry periods. Top dressing with sand or sandy loam is useful only as a means of filling minor depressions.

There are now a wide range of turf materials and varieties available in Darwin, please enquire at local turf suppliers.