Add Colour

Additional colour can be added with the use of foliage plants, Crotons, Acalypha, Caladiums and shrubs, Russelia, Euphorbias, Mussaendas, Ruellia and many others. Shop around the nurseries, use gardening reference books, chat to friends and do not hesitate to seek assistance.

A palm and cycad garden can also be eye-catching if properly planned to display the various shades of green, the style of the leaves, trunk shapes and colours, as well as the many flowers and fruits.

Cycads and ferns make effective ground-cover plants and colour can be added by planting the sunlit spots with annual flowers in season, or dwarf Ixoras and Caliandra and perennials, including Plumbago, Gerbera, Gailardia and Portulacca.