Youth Strategy

Our Vision

Young Darwin 2016 - 2021 articulates a vision for Council to deliver on innovative and responsive solutions to ensure young people are connected in their daily lives and empowered for and excited by the future.

The strategy is the culmination of extensive engagement with the youth community and community stakeholders, and integration of key guiding policies and best practice locally and from around the globe. Setting this long term road map is vital for us to address needs, expectations and aspirations of local young people, and to ensure young people are genuinely involved and connected to community life.

In a rapidly changing digital world impacted by globalisation and a changing employment landscape, young people are presented with a myriad of opportunities and challenges for a future we can’t even imagine yet. We need to continue to work collaboratively to help prepare young people for the future, adapt, grow and learn in authentic and responsive programs and community settings.

Council’s Commitment to Young People

This Youth Strategy focuses on the role of local government in delivering better outcomes for young people -

  • Ensure Council programs and facilities are youth friendly,  inclusive and accessible
  • Facilitate genuine opportunities for young people to provide input into Council decision making on youth and community issues
  • Support Youth-led initiatives, ideas and projects
  • Support and deliver programs that celebrate and showcase diversity and self –expression
  • Nurture and develop partnerships that initiate innovative and responsive youth engagement programs

City of Darwin's Youth Strategy, Young Darwin 2016 - 2021 was launched on September 1, 2016.