Share Roads Share Paths

Share Roads and Share Paths

In 2016, as part of the Darwin Bike Plan 2015-2020, we launched a bicycle education awareness campaign to remind cyclists, recreational path users and motorists to share our paths and roads safely. 

Share the Roads

The Share the Roads campaign focuses on Darwin's commuter cyclists and reminds all road users that:

  • Commuter cyclists must wear visible clothing, a helmet and ensure their bicycle is equipped with working lights.
  • Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. This means that cyclists are entitled to the same amount of space as cars, and must obey traffic rules and signals.
  • Motorists should give cyclists plenty of space, in case a cyclist needs to swerve to avoid a pedestrian or an opening car door. Motorists and pedestrians should also be alert and aware of road cyclists, and drivers should check their side view mirrors before opening their door.

Share the Paths

The Share the Paths campaign focuses on Darwin's recreational path users. The main objectives of this campaign are:

  • To encourage bike riders to slow down and ring their bell to alert path users that they are approaching and intending to pass.
  • Ensure that path users move to the left when a bike is approaching.
  • Ensure that path users move off the path when stopping.