Recreation and Sport

The municipality of Darwin is home to a range of sporting and recreation facilities to suit all ages and levels of fitness.

Council’s recreation facilities include seventeen ovals, including the premier Gardens Oval Complex. There is a network of cycle paths to support an active lifestyle for the whole community, and a Velodrome for training and competitive cyclists. There are three public swimming pools in the municipality which cater for recreational and lap swimmers, which all have well-maintained grounds and a number of additional facilities. Outdoor exercise equipment has been installed in various prime locations in Darwin to encourage healthy activity by everyone. Darwin has extensive parks and gardens throughout the municipality, with 118 playgrounds, ranging from small local parks to the all-inclusive Regional Playgrounds found at East Point Reserve, Anula Oval and Jingili Water Gardens.

The City of Darwin maintains and administers these facilities, and also conducts a number of recreation activities, independently and in conjunction with external stakeholders, to provide additional services to the community.

Healthy Darwin ActiveLife@TheTop is all about getting the people of Darwin active and living a healthy lifestyle. The program is packed with low cost activities for everyone and is a great chance to connect with other members of the local community