RECHARGE Scheme - You have the power!

The City of Darwin, in partnership with RECHARGE Scheme Australia Limited, is proud to introduce the RECHARGE Scheme services.

The RECHARGE Scheme services create a more accessible, inclusive and welcoming experience for people who use an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair when they are out and about. This is achieved by businesses and organisations offering designated powerpoints for people to recharge their electric mobility device’s battery.


An increasing number of people with restricted mobility find that an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair is a valuable means of transportation. However, steep footpaths, environmental conditions and the age of a battery can make it difficult to calculate travel distances. The RECHARGE Scheme services offer peace of mind and confidence.

Participating businesses and organisations – RECHARGE Program Partners

For a very small cost (the cost to recharge an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair for up to one hour is under 30 cents), businesses and organisations in the community are making a big difference in the lives of people who use a mobility device. For further information on becoming a RECHARGE Scheme Program Partner click here.

Branding and promotion

RECHARGE Point logos are displayed on the windows of participating businesses for easy identification. There are also RECHARGE Point logos placed above or near the power points so people can quickly identify which power point has been designated for use.

City of Darwin RECHARGE Points:

  • City of Darwin City Library
  • City of Darwin Casuarina Library
  • City of Darwin Karama Library
  • City of Darwin Nightcliff Library
  • Casuarina Swimming Pool
  • Nightcliff Swimming Pool
  • Parap Swimming Pool
  • Carers NT, Bayview
  • GROW NT, Darwin

RECHARGE Scheme Fact Sheet click here

For a full listing of RECHARGE Point locations go to

For further information contact the Community Development Officer on 8930 0645 or