Container Deposit

Cash for Containers commenced Territory-wide on 3 January 2012. Get involved and get 10 cents back in your pockets for each eligible container collected by taking clean empty cans, bottles and cartons to Collection Depots.

This scheme will also help reduce litter from our streets, increase recycling and help reduce the amount of rubbish going to the dumps by up to 50%. This is part of the Government’s $34 million Northern Territory Climate Change Policy and Territory 2030 Strategy.

There are opportunities for businesses, community-based organisations and shires/councils to become involved in the scheme, and apply for Infrastructure Grants to establish a Collection Depot or Collection Point.

Cash for Containers is also a great opportunity for community groups, sporting clubs and schools to raise money.

Remember, only containers purchased in the Territory after 3 January 2012 will be eligible for a 10 cent refund.