Domestic Waste

Recycling in your yellow lid bin   

City of Darwin provides residents with a fortnightly collection for those on the kerbside service and weekly collection for shared bins in the manual service. Materials accepted in the yellow lidded recycle bin are clean:

  • Glass (bottles and jars)
  • Aluminium cans and aerosols
  • Steel cans
  • Plastic Containers (All plastics 1 through to 7)
  • Paper
  • Cardboard including long life milk and juice cartons

Recyclables should be placed loose into the yellow topped bin, not in plastic bags. All items must be empty and clean to ensure they are recycled.  Please do not place food scraps, green waste, nappies, plastic wrap or plastic bags into the recycling bin.  To keep something at home for handy tips download the brochure below which outlines what you can and can't place in the bins as well as tips for better recycling. 

Kerbside Recycling Brochure

Residential Waste Collection Services

City of Darwin offers a residential waste and recycling collection service through its contractor, Transpacific Cleanaway. To apply for a new service please complete an application form and return to

Two types of bin collection services are offered:

Kerbside collection service (all houses and units with three or less dwellings)

Included in this service is one general (red lid) waste bin, emptied weekly, and one recycle bin, emptied fortnightly, bins will need to be place on the kerb for collection. Bins must be put out either the night before or before 7.00am on the day of collection. Bins should be brought in within 24 hours of collection.

Download the 2016 Kerbside Collection Calendar

Download the 2017 Kerbside Collection Calendar

Apply for an Additional Kerbside Service

Manual collection service (all units and townhouses of four or more dwellings)

Included in this service is a shared number of general (red lid) waste and recycling (yellow lid) bins, dependent upon the number of units (pg 10, policy 054). The general waste bin is collected twice weekly and the recycle bin is collected weekly, bins must stay in the compound at all times.

Download the 2016 Manual Collection Calendar

Download the 2017 Manual Collection Calendar

Apply for an Additional Manual Service

Public Holidays and Other Collections

Collections are maintained on public holidays and any changes to the collection schedule will be notified in the local press and City of Darwin website. Collection can take place any time between 7:00am and 5:00pm

A special service is available for the elderly and people with disabilities. To find out more about this service please contact Council on (08) 8930 0300.

If your bin is missed, damaged or lost, phone Council’s contractor Cleanaway Transpacific on 1800 816 355.

Bin Placement Requirements (Kerbside Collection Only)

  • Place bins at least one metre apart on kerbside.
  • Do not place bins on the road as this may disrupt traffic.
  • Make sure the wheels are facing your property.
  • Do not place bins behind trees, cars or other vehicles.
  • Do not place bins under low hanging branches or within one metre of any obstruction eg. sign post.

All materials collected from kerbside recycling are taken to the Transpacific Cleanaway Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where they are sorted, bailed and sent to market for reprocessing.

Additional Bins

Additional waste or recycle bins can be purchased for properties on a manual service. The following forms need to be completed should you require new bins:

To arrange a new service, a New Waste Collection Form will need to be completed and submitted to City of Darwin. Allow at least five working days for the new service to be arranged and for the bins to be delivered.

Wheelie Bin Maintenance

It is important to take care of your wheelie bins and to wrap rubbish well, especially in Darwin's warm tropical climate. We have put together some tips and tricks on how to keep your wheelie bins fresh in Darwin.

For more information contact City of Darwin on 08 8930 0300 or email

Organics Management

More than half of the waste in a average household bin could be diverted from landfill by composting (NGER Technical Guidelines 2011). Home composting returns organic matter to the soil and improves the soils ability to hold nutrients and moisture.

Where there is insufficient room for composting a worm farm or Bokashi bin may be suitable.


Under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme you can drop off your televisions and computers for recycling at nominated businesses.

Click here for scheme recycling drop off points in Darwin.

Pre-Cyclone Season Clean-Up

City of Darwin in cooperation with the Department of Correctional Services and NT Emergency Services conducts an annual Pre-Cyclone Season Clean-Up for the Darwin municipality. The Clean-Up is similar to a hard rubbish clean-up and is held before the start of the Cyclone season. The clean up removes debris which could become dangerous missiles in the event of a cyclone. The annual Pre-Cyclone Clean-Up assists Darwin residents to clean up their yard in preparation for the cyclone season.

In 2015, two clean-up weeks, covering the Northern and Southern Suburbs, were held in August and September with more than 590 tonnes of material being collected and taken to Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. More than 170 tonnes of recyclable material was diverted and recycled by the Recycle Shop and other contractors.