Temporary Road Closures

At various times of the year, City of Darwin will agree to requests from community organisations to temporarily close a public road or street under its control, to allow festival parades or special processions to take place safely. Community organisations will need to make a formal application to the Council and address a number of requirements to get approval for road closures for such purposes.

The applicant must fill out a form giving all relevant details and get this signed by the Police before lodging it with the Council (with application fee).

The applicant will need to arrange for any required police assistance at least six weeks before the proposed event, formally advertise the impending traffic disruption seven days prior to the event and seek formal approval from residents or business people who might be affected by the temporary road closure. The applicant might also need to arrange public liability insurance to stage the event.

To apply for a temporary road closure or to seek more information about the process, contact Regulatory Services on phone 8930 0602.

To download the application form for a Street Permit for Parade or Procession