Abandoned Vehicles

City of Darwin has regulations in place to remove, or force owners to remove, vehicles abandoned within the Municipality. Council will begin proceedings to serve notice on the owner of an abandoned vehicle within 24-48 hours of receiving a complaint about the vehicle's presence.

The owner will be served with a notice to remove unregistered vehicle within 24 hours. Any vehicle found within a restricted parking zone or parked in a dangerous manner will be removed immediately.  Council does not remove registered vehicles from public spaces unlesss the vehicle is being vandalised.

As part of the proceedings Council Rangers will, if necessary, make enquiries with residents or businesses in the vicinity of where the vehicle is found to try and identify the current owner of the vehicle. If this is not successful, a notice will be sent by mail to the last recorded owner, notifying that person that if the vehicle is not removed, Council will remove it at a cost to the owner. The owner will also bear the cost of any newspaper advertising required by Council to advise the need for an abandoned vehicle to be removed.

Council will hold abandoned vehicles for a minimum of 28 days after which vehicles in road-worthy condition will be auctioned and those classified as unsalvageable will be sent to a car wreckage outlet.

If you want to report an abandoned vehicle you can call Council on (08) 8930 0600