Cyclone Preparation

City of Darwin has developed its own Counter Disaster Plan for Cyclones to guide us in carrying out tasks as allocated under the NTG Region 1 Cyclone Counter Disaster Plan and so we can carry out or resume normal duties and functions as soon as possible after the cyclone threat has passed. This allows Council to prepare for the disruption caused by a cyclone to minimise the effects upon all aspects of the Council’s duties and responsibilities to the community.

For more information contact the Northern Territory Emergency Service on 8922 3630 or visit

Key aspects of council’s cyclone preparation include:

  • Council departments review and address items in site specific cyclone action plans (Libraries, IT, Bishop Street, Childcare Centres, Carparks, Regulatory Services etc).
  • Lease holders of Council owned property undertake a Pre-Cyclone clean up and provide Council with a copy of their cyclone plan
  • Community Pre-Cyclone Season Clean-up during September for Darwin suburbs.
  • Pre-Cyclone Season clean up at council’s Bishop Street Operations Centre.
  • Check and update Council’s Guardian System and undertake comprehensive cyclone response simulation training exercise during October.

Cyclone Recovery

Council’s cyclone recovery is initiated when the all clear is declared and it is considered safe for the public to leave their shelters.

Key components of Council’s cyclone recovery include:

  • CEO and General Managers establish Communications.
  • Guardian Emergency Operations Centre established at Bishop Street Operations Centre.
  • Survey and Rescue Operations commence in conjunction with NTG.
  • Guardian Executive Controller establish contact with NTG Engineering Group and carry out tasks as directed.
  • Return to Work after staff have ensured the IMMEDIATE safety of their family and property if possible.
  • Establish Waste Management Facilities.
  • Council buildings, houses, pools, child care centres, community centres, cemeteries, golf courses and works in progress to be inspected by relevant staff as soon as practicable and conditions reported to Guardian Emergency Operations Centre.
  • Stores and Workshop re-establish services as soon as possible. 

Key council responsibilities in cyclone recovery include:

  • Provision of survey teams and carry out damage assessments in designated areas;
  • Task requested by the NTG Cyclone Counter Disaster Council, Public Health and Engineering Group that are within Council’s resources;
  • Controlling and maintaining green waste, and other waste disposal sites;
  • Controlling and directing the removal of debris impacting on Council Infrastructure (roads, buildings, sport rec facilities, stormwater etc..);
  • Clearing Major Roads in conjunction with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure;
  • Clearing blocked drains;
  • Other tasks within Council’s capability.