Thorak Regional Cemetery

As of 1 July 2008 the Thorak Regional Cemetery on Deloraine Road is operated solely by Litchfield Council. It is open seven days a week. 

About the Cemetery

Situated in the rural area of Berrimah on Deloraine Road, the Cemetery can be accessed easily via McMillans Road when approaching from the Darwin Suburban area from the Stuart Highway.

The Thorak Regional Cemetery is largely a non-denominational cemetery facility, but provision for burial in denominational areas exists for those of the Orthodox, Muslim and Bahai' faith.

The non-denominational areas consists of lawn interments, restricted memorial interments and unrestricted memorial interments.

The Cemetery has a crematorium and Chapel for those choosing to be cremated, and also a Memorial Garden for the interment of cremated remains.

The Gardens of Angels section has been provided for the burial/interment of ashes of infants up to two years of age.


The Thorak Regional Cemetery was named after Klaus Thorak, a distinguished veterinarian with the Primary Industries Branch who, together with his wife and son, was killed in an aeroplane accident whilst on his way to Timor. The road so named leads to the forestry area known as Thorak Reserve and passes in the vicinity of the cemetery.

The Thorak Regional Cemetery opened in 1988 and in 1990, the crematorium facility was added to the site.

Currently the Thorak Regional Cemetery is the only cemetery for the greater Darwin area and will provide a burial facility for the residents of Darwin, Palmerston and Litchfield Shire well into the twenty second century.

A memorial permit is required to place or alter a memorial.

Please phone 08 8947 0903 (Litchfield Council) for all enquiries relating to Thorak Regional Cemetery.