Darwin General Cemetery

The Darwin General Cemetery is a denominational cemetery which was opened in 1954 and closed in 1988. It was reopened again in 1989 and subsequently closed in September 2003. No grave sites remain available within the Darwin General Cemetery with burials being undertaken into previously reserved grave sites only.

Many Cyclone Tracy victims are buried at the Darwin General Cemetery, as well as past Council Aldermen and dignitaries.

The cemetery is maintained by City of Darwin and any enquiries in relation to the cemetery or burial records can be obtained by phoning 08 8980 3655.

The cemetery is locked each night prior to 7pm and the gates are opened again at 6am every day. The cemetery does have vehicle access from the main entry gate.

View a sectional map of the cemetery.

A Memorial permit is required to erect any memorials within the cemetery.

An interment of ashes permit is required to inter ashes within the cemetery.