Darwin's cemeteries include the peaceful resting places of Darwin's earliest pioneers as well as the beautifully landscaped grounds being used today. The older facilities include the heritage listed Gardens Road Cemetery in the city, the heritage listed Pioneer Cemetery on Goyder Road and Darwin's only Chinese Cemetery in Stuart Park.

The Darwin General Cemetery is situated in McMillans Road at Marrara. This cemetery is now closed except for interments into reserved gravesites, and new ashes interments into the cemetery Niche Wall. Gardens Road Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery and Darwin General Cemetery are all maintained by City of Darwin and any enquiries in relation to these cemeteries or burial records can be obtained by phoning 08 8980 3655.

Most burials now take place at Thorak Regional Cemetery on Deloraine Road near Berrimah. This facility is managed by the Litchfield Council, and they can be contacted on 8947 0903. The cemetery is open seven days a week and houses the Northern Territory's only crematorium.

A memorial permit is required to place or alter a memorial in all of the cemeteries.

Download the Cemetery Flower and Ornament Policy