Lost Dogs

City of Darwin understands that your pet is special and we employ a range of tactics to reunite you with your pet should they go missing. Council also maintains a lost & found register and may already have your dog recorded as found. Check the lost dog listings here or contact City of Darwin on 8930 0600. You may also contact Council's Pound on 8947 2099.  If a dog taken to the Pound can be identified via a microchip or other means, the owner will be notified.  

Another contact for assistance with animal issues in Darwin is the RSPCA; they can be contacted by calling 8984 3795.

TELAF - Top End Lost and Found is an good onlne resource targeted at the Darwin area and aims to reunite lost animals with their owners. It also endeavours to find homes for some homeless animals. This is a free service.

Managing Dogs

It is the dog owner's responsibility to adequately contain or control their dog at all times. This includes when the dog

  • is being transported within a vehicle or on a vehicle tray,
  • is home alone
  • is being exercised (unless in an off-lead area, however the dog must be under voice control).

Many dogs are terrified by thunder and lightning, and manage to escape containment during tropical storms, often injuring themselves in the process. Dog owners should regularly check fences for areas that may allow their dog to escape through, under or over.

Owners must ensure that their dog is microchipped and wearing a collar with Council tag to assist in the rapid identification and return of their pet. An identification tag with a current contact phone number is also useful.


Owners of dogs found At Large may be fined in accordance with By-Laws. (67(1))

Lost Dog Listings


Thu, 27/04/2017
Coconut Grove
Wed, 03/05/2017

Wolfhound Cross Type Dog, light tan, Adult, Male.

No collar or ID

For further information regrading this animal please contact the City of Darwin Pound on (08) 8947 2099.

Mon, 24/04/2017
Tue, 02/05/2017

Mixed Breed, Black, Adult, Male.

No Collar or ID

For further information regrading this animal please contact the City of Darwin Pound on (08) 8947 2099.