Cat Registration and Microchipping


All cats over three (3) months of age that have been in Darwin for one month must be registered annually. There are many benefits of cat registration: 

  • It is your proof of ownership.
  • Council can return lost pets to their owners quickly.
  • You can be contacted easily if your pet is involved in an accident/ incident and requires veterinary treatment.
  • You have access to useful information, as owners receive an information package outlining their responsibilities when they register their pet.
  • Fees provide a source of funds for Council’s education and enforcement programs.

Payment Options

  1. At the Civic Centre, Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin City, where Eftpos facilities are available.
  2. By post with the completed Application For Registration form enclosed and cheque or credit card details to City of Darwin, GPO Box 84 Darwin NT 0801.
  3. At any Australia Post Office (forms are available)

Conditions of Registration

catsin run
When you register your cat for the first time, you will receive an information package that outlines registration conditions and your responsibilities as a cat owner in Darwin.

To register your cat you must agree:

  • to have your cat microchipped
  • to adequately contain your cat at all times
  • to apply for a licence if you intend to keep more than two cats.



Microchips allow Council Rangers, vets and RSPCA staff to quickly identify your cat by scanning it with a microchip reader. The microchip gives your cat a unique number, which can be matched on databases that store information about your cat and your contact details. This helps with the speedy return of cats that are lost, at large or injured. Microchipping is available at the Council Pound and RSPCA as well as vet surgeries.

cats at door

Licence Requirements

Under the By-Laws, owners can keep two registered cats on one property. If you want to keep more than two cats on your property, you will need to apply for a licence from Council.
Each application attracts a fee.
When Council assesses the application, they will search for any previous complaints against you (the owner), consult with neighbours and check that the premises are suitable and have a suitably contained area. When licences are granted, they may be approved with specific conditions.


Council employs Rangers whose job is to enforce registration requirements. If your cat is not registered and microchipped or you do not have a licence if required, you may be fined in accordance with the By-laws. (63A Failure to Comply with Condition of Registration).