Household pets, usually dogs and cats, are part of the family in many Darwin homes. They are wonderful companions and loved members of the family. The health and social benefits of having pets are widely recognised. Most pet owners are usually healthy, happy and independent, more active, enjoy affection and unconditional love, feel more secure, do not feel lonely and suffer less from depression and stress.

Children who grow up with pets have higher self esteem and improved social skills with a good understanding of discipline and responsibility. Children learn how to share their time and companionship with a pet that is reliant on them and are more likely to be responsible pet owners of the future.

However owning a cat is also a large responsibility that should not be taken lightly.This website provides a lot of information about responsible cat ownership in Darwin. For more information about cat care in Darwin please view  the following information sheet:

 Caring For Your Cat Information Sheet

black and white cat