Cane Toads

The Cane Toad, Bufo marinus , is now in Darwin. Lizards, birds and many other native creatures that we enjoy watching in our yards today will die after eating the toxic toads. Others, such as frogs and native toads, will be wiped out by trying to compete with the invader.

The proactive community group, Frogwatch, has mounted a high profile education campaign to restrict the impact of the Cane Toad and provide helpful advice on how to 'toad-proof' your yard by special fencing and trapping techniques.                                                       

While Cane Toads don't belong in Australia and will harm our pets and native wildlife, they do feel pain like any other animal and should be treated humanely when you dispose of them. Alternatively, there is a toad drop off on the road into the Shoal Bay facility, just near the front corner of the Recycle Centre. There is also one at the front gate into the RAAF Base in Winnellie, on the left before the security gates

The detention centres are designed to have live toads placed in them and the toads have access to water, shelter etc before being removed and humanely killed.  Make sure the toads are not in a bag; they should be free to move within the detention centre.

Frogwatch encourages Darwin residents to report all Cane Toad sightings by phoning 1800 243 564 . For more information you can visit the website at  or call 1800 243 564.

*Cane Toad photo from Parks and Wildlife Site here