Cycling and Walking Paths

Darwin provides a marvellous cycling environment for most of the year. It is a particularly attractive city for outdoor activity and the increasing network of cycle paths is an added incentive for people to cycle for exercise, pleasure and commuting.

Darwin's wonderful weather is not the only thing that encourages cyclists — the generally flat terrain and roads with less traffic than larger cities also lend themselves to the pleasures of cycling in the Top End.

You can cycle in safety by using the city's extensive local network of excellent shared paths. Paths have been installed to take you right along the breezy coastal fringe of the city and suburbs and to parks, reserves and general recreation facilities throughout the municipality.

City of Darwin is working in conjunction with the Northern Territory Government and the community to develop an integrated cycleway strategy throughout the municipality for safe and pleasurable cycling.

There are approximately 70 kilometres of cycle paths throughout Darwin. Of these, some 60 kilometres have been provided within the municipality by City of Darwin which have been constructed for the shared use of recreational cyclists and pedestrians.

It is important to remember that pedestrians have 'right of way' on all cycle paths.

Darwin Region Cycling and Walking Map

City of Darwin, in conjunction with the NT Government and the City of Palmerston, publishes a Cycle Map for Darwin/Palmerston. This comprehensive map will fit into any bag or backpack and is available from the Civic Centre, the NT Government and the City of Palmerston.

If you would like a map sent to you please e-mail or phone 8930 0300, or download the Making Tracks map here.

The Bike Pod

City of Darwin's China Town Carpark is now home to the Bike Pod, a secure lock up facility with lockers and showers. To find out more information click here.

Cycling Safety

Lights front and rear, using hand signals and obeying all traffic rules and signs make for responsible cycling habits. If you are under 17 years of age, Northern Territory laws require that you wear an approved helmet when cycling. If 17 years or over, you must wear a helmet when riding on the road and when using on-road cycleways. It is legal to ride on public roads, in public places and on footpaths unless they are marked by signs prohibiting bicycles.

Make sure that you always ride single file on the left side of the road, and when cycling at night wear light coloured clothing.  Also remember to look after your bike by regularly checking tyres, brakes, bell, lights and cables.

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