Creating Habitat

Creating habitat in our ‘patch’, whether it be in our front yard or back, on our verge or balcony, is one way we can help to contribute to increasing our biodiversity. Creating habitat provides havens for birds, lizards and other animals, a place where they can rest and feed.

Creating Habitat in Darwin Gardens is Council’s improved vegetation booklet providing advice on how to create habitat in your patch. It describes over 80 local native plant species grouped by habitat type. Species information includes plant size, sun and watering requirements, whether the plant provides shade, is scented or has edible parts, and which animals are attracted to it.

The booklet also identifies which species are suitable and unsuitable for planting on verges as some species grow too tall and interfere with power lines, causing safety and maintenance issues for Council and utility providers.

Creating Habitat for Darwin Gardens can be downloaded here, or pick up a booklet at Customer Service at the Civic Centre.