Sister City Frequently Asked Questions



What are Council’s Sister City Community Committees?

Community Committees are advisory committees that meet regularly and advise on projects to be undertaken between Darwin and its Sister Cities and provide Council with vital community based linkages. 

How many Sister City Community Committees does Council have?

Council currently has five Sister City Community Committees for the following cities:

Who can be a member?

Anyone from the community can nominate to be a member.  Committees comprise of Community Representatives, Youth Representatives and Elected Members.

What is a Community Representative?

Anyone can nominate to be a community representative. As a community representative it is your responsibility to provide community knowledge and input in decision making.

What is a Youth Representative?

Youth representative positions are open to persons aged 26 years and under. As a youth representative it is your responsibility to provide a youth perspective into decision making.

Is there a selection criteria that I need to meet to become a member?

When selecting members for Sister City Committees, we look for the following attributes and qualities:

  • An understanding and passion for the sister cities philosophy.
  • Ability to contribute skills and knowledge to enhance the decision making process of the Committee.
  • Willingness to operate within the guidelines of the program.
  • Motivation and enthusiasm to participate in committee meetings and activities.

How much time will I need to commit as a member?

The following outlines your expected commitments:

  Activity   Commitment   Annual Commitment
  Read agenda papers and prepare for meeting   30 minutes, per meeting   3 hours
  Attend Committee Meeting   1 hour, per meeting, approximatley 6 per year   6 hours
  Attend Formal Mayoral Reception   1 hour, approximately 3 per year   3 hours
  Volunteer at joint Sister City functions   3 hours, approximately 2 per year   6 hours
  Community projects   Determined by each Committee   2 + hours
Total Commitment   20 hours

When are meetings held?

Committees decide on a mutually convenient time to meet.  Generally meetings occur during a lunch break (12:30pm – 1:30pm) or after hours (5pm – 6pm).

What happens at Sister City Community Committee meetings?

For a full description of how Committee meetings are run, please read Committee Meetings: How to be a Committee Representative and conduct successful meetings.

Can I apply to more than one Committee?

Yes.  You will need to complete a separate application for each Committee you wish to nominate for.

What does the Sister Cities program do?

Since its inception, the Sister Cities program has undertaken a diverse range of projects across a number of fields including the arts, education and sport to further the person-to-person linkages between Darwin and its Sister Cities. Projects completed in 2013 include;

  • Harmony Day Free Community Event
  • Two youth from Darwin undertaking volunteer work in Dili.
  • Exchange of two students and teacher from Ambon to Darwin.
  • Ambon Night, a celebration of Ambonese culture
  • English language scholarships for middle school students in Kalymnos
  • Glenti stall and interactive display
  • Halloween Family Fun at Dusk Free Community Event

The Sister Cities program engages with a wide range of external partners including State and Federal Government Departments, Non Government Organisations and Schools, as well as internal stakeholders such as the Libraries, Waste Management and Infrastructure Sections in delivering project outcomes.

How do I nominate to become a member?

Simply go to the sign-up page and enter your details or download a copy of the nomination form.  Nominations can be submitted by email, on our website or by posting a completed form to: City of Darwin GPO Box 84, Darwin NT 0801.  A Council Officer will contact you once your nomination has been received to organise a time to meet and discuss your nomination.

I can’t make it to formal meetings, is there another way I can be involved in the Sister City program?

Yes, there are other ways to be involved in the Sister City program. If you would like to volunteer your time and skill at events like Harmony Day or Halloween you can sign up to Friends of Sister Cities. If you would like to be kept up to date of Sister City Events and projects you can sign up to our eNewsletter.