Tiwi Islands Northern Territory Australian Sister City

Aerial View of Milikapiti

Background and History

Strong interests held by the City of Darwin in forming a sister city affiliation with a community council led to an approach by Lord Mayor Alec Fong Lim in 1989 to three community councils seeking interest. Milikapiti accepted the invitation.

Milikapiti and Darwin have since gone on to build a close relationship through mutual projects, including a week's parks training for Milikapiti staff in Darwin (successfully completed in September 1993), a Darwin delegation to Milikapiti in early 1994 with further training project the same year. In October 1996, a visit by Alderman Dorothy Fox to the community to renew the friendship link with gifts presented on behalf of the Lord Mayor and Council took place.

MilikapitiThe Sister City agreement was signed in Darwin on 5 July 1999 (National Sister Cities Day) by Darwin City Council Lord Mayor George Brown, Mr Allan McGill the then CEO and on behalf of Milikapiti, Mr Gibson Farmer, Council President 1999.

In July 2001, the Milikapiti Council was dissolved along with the Councils of Nguiu and Pirlangimpi to form the new Tiwi Islands Local Government. The relationship continues under the new structure.

In 2005, Darwin City Council staff travelled to Milikapiti in the wake of cyclone Ingrid to offer practical support to repair some of the damage left by this category 5 system. Locals and staff worked side by side to quickly respond to the various rebuilding efforts.

The Milikpaiti agreement still exists today and is activated in times of need between the two locations.