Reviewable Decisions

The following are prescribed by legislation as reviewable matters.

“227 Reviewable decisions

(1) A Reviewable decisions is a decision or order made by a council,or an officer of a council, that is designated as reviewable:

(a) by this Act (or a by-law under this Act); or

(b) by resolution of the council.


(a) a decision by the council or a council committee to reject an application for correction of an entry in the assessment record (Section 154(6));

(b) a regulatory order (Section 196);

(c) a decision to refuse to suppress a person’s name or address (or both) from publicly available material (Section 201(5))."

The Council has resolved (Decision No. 21\2434) not to designate any decisions that are reviewable pursuant to Section 227(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 2008 as detailed in Council Policy 026 Complaints Handling and Review of Decisions.