Cavenagh and Bennett St Intersection Upgrade

City of Darwin is upgrading the Cavenagh and Bennett St intersection to improve commuter access to the city centre, create safer traffic movement and improve pedestrian amenity.

The intersection of Cavenagh St and Bennett St provides access to the city centre from the key arterial link of Tiger Brennan Drive. The volume of traffic has increased in recent years, particularly with the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive. This has led to increased congestion and delays at this intersection in peak hour periods, which will continue to increase as the city centre and population grows.

This project will result in decreased delays and congestion at the intersection providing a faster commute into the city centre. The project will deliver:

  • Provision of a new dedicated left turn lane from Bennett St into Cavenagh Street (McMinn St end)
  • Modifications to the existing lane layouts and signals phasing to facilitate safer and more efficient movement of traffic
  • Upgrading the existing street lights in the vicinity to LED lighting
  • New shade structures on the four corners of the intersection

Concept design of Cavenagh and Bennett Street intersection upgrade. To download click here
Shade Structures

City of Darwin is committed to cooling the city to create an environment that encourages more people to walk and visit the city. This intersection upgrade will include shade structures on each intersection to provide protection from the tropical heat as well as the Wet Season rain.


Concept Design of Shade Structures
Project Timing and Budget

The total cost of the project is $1.4million. Council was successful in obtaining $1million in funding through the Northern Territory Government’s Improving Strategic Local Roads Infrastructure Program and Council will contribute $400,000. City of Darwin will call for tender submissions in the coming weeks. The injection of $1.4million into the local economy provides an important boost for local companies and jobs.

City of Darwin will be working closely with affected stakeholders to minimise disruption during construction.