Alderman Bob Elix

Chan Ward

Coconut Grove, Jingili, Ludmilla, Millner, Moil, Nightcliff, Rapid Creek.

Alderman Bob Elix

Address:       238 Casuarina Drive, Nightcliff NT 0810
Telephone:   8985 5795 (BH)
Facsimile:     8985 5037
Mobile:         0417 800 332

Elected:        1984

  • Corporate and Economic Committee
  • Administrative Review Committee
  • CBD Parking Advisory Committee
  • Risk Management and Audit Committee
  • Dili Sister City Community Committee
  • Development Consent Authority (DCA)
  • Town Planning Committee

Personal Background: 

Bob was first elected to Council in 1983. He has served as Deputy Mayor and Acting Lord Mayor on many occasions during that time.

There was always a sporting chance that Bob would end up as a servant of the people through the City of Darwin.

Sports have been a major part of Bob’s life and it is through his involvement in sport that he came to realise the importance of having your say and actually doing something, not just saying something.

Bob has been involved with AFL in the NT for years and has recently retired after 13 years as the Chairman of AFLNT.

Bob has been Chairman of the Environment & Infrastructure Committee and a member of the Development Consent Authority NT for 12 years. He has been involved in upgrading parks and gardens in this Ward and the whole Darwin Municipality. He is passionate about taking care of the things that affect us every day like our roads, our playgrounds and our recycling scheme.

There have been many issues that he has been proud to have made a difference in and Bob will continue to actively pursue issues in the interests of residents. Bob treats everyone as equal in our community and will always remain available and active for anyone who needs assistance in Chan Ward and beyond.

With Bob’s sporting background he is all about working together to get results and knows that we can continue to kick goals to remain a winning team for the Top End.

Bob is a great supporter and advocate for Tourism, recognising the value of the tourist dollar to the city’s economy.