School Tours of the Civic Centre

City of Darwin facilitates school civics program for primary and middle school students structured around a visit the Civic Centre with their schoolteacher to learn more about Local Government in the Northern Territory, in particular City of Darwin.

The civics sessions are held in the Council chambers, which can accommodate an average class size of up to 25 students.  The students watch a short DVD presentation about City of Darwin which is followed by a PowerPoint presentation encouraging interactive discussion.  The presentation provides a brief description of the three spheres of government and then focuses on local government, including City of Darwin Alderman, the basic decision making process and if applicable, finishes with a debate.

The program can be modified to suit the learning requirements and age range of the students and may also include guest speakers from other sections of Council to meet specific program requirements.

For more information or to make a booking please contact the Family and Children’s Services Coordinator on 8930 0561 or e-mail