Council’s Animal Education Officer and Pet Care Help Line

Council has a full-time Animal Education Officer who attends to the Pet Care Help Line, delivers a range of education services that can be accessed by all members of the community and conducts home visits to help pet owners address specific issues. The education services provided by Council are designed to provide support to all pet owners and increase their understanding of responsible pet ownership, now and into the future.
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The Pet Care Help Line is a phone service Council provides which offers information to the community relating to:

  • nuisance pet behaviour 
  • owner education and assistance
  • registration enquiries
  • animal By-Law enquiries
  • any other animal-related matters.

To access this service, phone 8930 0606, between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. If you have concerns about animal welfare please phone the Animal Welfare Branch on 1300 720 386. For wildlife rescues please call Wildcare NT on 08 8988 6121 or 0408 885 341 alternatively you can take the animal to your nearest vet.