Community Grants Program

City of Darwin's Community Grants Program assists projects or events directly benefiting and promoting the city of Darwin and which have broad community appeal.

Each year Council allocates $100,000 for community projects.

Grants Now Closed

The next round of Community Grants will open in May 2017.

Before applying, we encourage you to read the frequently asked questions.


To be eligible for a community grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Organisations must be an incorporated, not for profit community organisation. If you are not incorporated it may be possible or ask another organisation to apply on your behalf, in partnership with you.
  • Proposed projects or events must generally occur within the financial year in which it is funded (1st July 2016 - 30 June 2017).
  • Activities must occur within the municipality of Darwin. Municipal boundaries are at
  • Applicants who have previously received a Community Grant and haven’t yet submitted the final financial report, or have debts to the City of Darwin should discuss this with Council prior to applying.
  • The application must be received by 5pm on Monday 31 October 2016.
  • The application must be submitted on the City of Darwin application form either by email, mail or hand delivery to Customer Service at the Civic Centre, Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin. If you are mailing your application, be sure to check the new processing/delivery schedule with Australia Post between your mailing point and the City of Darwin. It’s highly recommended that applications be typed to avoid difficulties understanding handwriting.

Ineligible Applications

The Community Grants Program does not fund:

  • Applications from individuals.
  • General operating costs such as funding for permanent staff members, insurance and utilities, rent or anything deemed to form part of the organisation's ongoing expenses.
  • Projects that are considered the core responsibility of other levels of Government,e.g Department of Education or the Northern Territory Department of Health.
  • Commercial events.
  • Event or conference sponsorship, prizes or award ceremonies.
  • Building works on private property.
  • Interstate or international travel costs, unless the person or people travelling will be sharing information or other resources with Darwin communities when they return.
  • Projects that duplicate existing services and programs and for the same communities.

Funding is available for new projects and initiatives, not existing programs or operational costs. Partnership projects where your organisation or others are contributing resources or money are encouraged. Applicants are encouraged to provide accurate budget information and quotes or advertisements for equipment where they are a large amount of the funding requested.  

The application form and an information sheet are being prepared. Please contact the Community Development Officer if you have questions about the next Community Grants Round on telephone number 8930 0645 or email at 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’ve applied for a grant before. Can I apply again?
Yes, even if you received a grant in the last Round you are eligible to apply again.

Can my organisation submit more than one application?
Yes, but it’s likely that only one will be funded.

How much money is available?
There is $100,000 in the Community Grants pool, with two grants rounds of $50,000 each year. There is one grant round of $50,000 for Climate Change and Environment Grants each year. 

What’s the maximum I can apply for?
The maximum grant amount is $10,000 but it is rare to receive that full amount.

Can I apply again for funding for a project that has previously received funding?
Only if you are applying for a new initiative as part of that Project. Organisations can’t be funded for exactly the same initiative more than once.

Can I apply again for funding for a project that has previously been unsuccessful?
Yes, but call for some advice first so that you know why it wasn’t successful the first time. Sometimes Projects are not successful just because there too many good applications to fund them all and a slightly stronger application succeeds.

My organisation hasn’t sent in the acquittal (final financial report) from our last Project. Can we still apply?
Your organisation needs to have sent in the acquittal or to speak to the Community Development Officer in Community Development if you need special consideration.

Can I get funding for general expenses for my organisation?
No, this grant round is for the expenses of a Project, not organisational costs e.g. you can’t claim insurance.

Can I apply for money for wages?
Yes but only the wages for this Project, not for your organisation generally.

Can I apply for a grant as an individual?
No, these community grants are only available to not for profit organisations and groups.

When will I know if I have been successful?
Applicants are notified within 6 weeks of applying.

Do you accept hand written applications?
Yes, but it’s advisable to type your information so that it can be easily understood.

What if I’m late with my application (the October 2016 round closes at 5pm on 31 October 2016)?
Late applications aren’t accepted. The closing time and date are chosen to give applicants the last weekend in May to finish applications and Email or hand deliver them during business hours.

Can I get advice about what to apply for and what to write?
Yes: call the Community Development Officer at Council on 8930 0645 or email

The guidelines say that projects should be sustainable. What does that mean?
This means that projects either need to start and end during the funding period or that there is a way they can continue after the Council funding has been spent, if you have a project you want to continue. For example, you may want to buy some equipment or materials that you can continue to use or you may want funding to fund a series of workshops, that won’t require funding after the workshop program is completed.

Previous Grant Recipients

The first round Community Grants for the 2016/2017 financial year were announced in June 2016: 

Community Grants (two rounds per year)

  • Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta Inc $2450
  • Music NT $5000
  • CatholicCare NT $8500
  • Alongside PTSD Partner Support $4400
  • PARKRUN Inc $5000
  • Alzheimer’s Australia NT Inc $2150
  • Darwin Film Society $5000
  • Cancer Council Northern Territory $5000
  • Life Without Barriers $5000
  • Child Australia $5000
  • Darwin Roller Girls $2500

Total $50,000

Climate Change & Environment (only one round per year)

  • Girl Guides NT Incorporated $ 3,480
  • Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers $10,000
  • Nightcliff Arts, Music & Culture Incorporated $ 7,000
  • OzGreen Global Rivers Environmental Education Network $ 7,500
  • Wildcare Inc $ 3,581
  • National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) $ 1,375
  • Ark Aid Inc $ 4,000
  • Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary $ 6,080
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) $ 7,500

Total $50,516