Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer Brendan Dowd

Brendan Dowd
Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the senior member of council staff and is responsible to the council for the execution of its decisions. The primary role of the CEO is to implement council policy and develop systems to ensure Council’s affairs are conducted in ways that are transparent, accountable and efficient. The CEO Provides or obtains information and advice the council requires for carrying out its functions. The CEO is the manager of council's day-to-day affairs. The CEO is responsible for the control and direction of all council officers and employees. He also acts as secretary to the council and has a statutory obligation to ensure the minutes of all council meetings are recorded. These and council policies are made avaialable to members of the public.

Message From the CEO

I am keen to hear from you about how well you think we are delivering services in Darwin and to listen to any suggestions that you may have on what can be done to further improve what we do.

Set out below are the various ways you can contact me. I will do my best to reply as soon as I can, however I trust that you will understand that if I need to find out more to give you a full response it may take a little more time. If this is the case I will let you know and tell you when I am able to reply. Please let me know which way you would like me to contact you as I am happy to email, phone or send you a letter.

You can contact me by:

  1. Writing to: Chief Executive, City of Darwin, GPO Box 84, Darwin NT 0810
  2. Emailing:
  3. Phoning: 08 8930 0505

Within the Executive Services Directorate, staff provide administrative support to the Lord Mayor and Elected Members.  They also provide vital specialist expertise where needed.

The Communications and Marketing division promote City of Darwin by liaising with the media, managing City of Darwin's website, overseeing advertising and organising major community events such as Citizenship ceremonies and the Bombing of Darwin commemoration.