Petitions to Council

Members of public can present petitions to the City of Darwin on community issues that they would like to see addressed.   Examples of issues followed up by petitions could be a request for a walkway closure or new equipment for a suburban Council playground.

Petitions will be presented and dealt with in accordance with By Law 153 Petitions:

(1) A petition may be presented to a meeting by a member who, before presenting the petition, shall, as far as practicable, become acquainted with the subject matter of the petition.

          (2)   A member, on presenting a petition to a meeting, shall:

(a)     state the nature and prayer of the petition; and

(b)     read the petition.

          (3)   A petition shall not be presented unless it is worded in respectful language.

          (4)   Each page of a petition presented to the council shall restate the whole of the petition.

          (5)   Where a page of a petition does not comply with clause (4) the signatures on that page shall not be taken into account by the council when considering the petition.

          (6)   A person shall not append to a petition:

(a)     a signature purporting to be that of another person; or

(b)     the name of another person.

          (7)   Where a member presents a petition to a meeting no debate on or in relation to it shall be allowed and the only motion that may be moved is:

(a)     that the petition be received and consideration stand as an order of the day for the meeting or for a future meeting; or

(b)     that the petition be received and referred to a committee or officer for consideration and a report to the council.

Petitions must be presented by an Alderman.

Once a petition is received at the Council Chambers, it is presented to the full monthly Council meeting where it is formally accepted than forwarded to the relevant committee for consideration.  

Any committee recommendations in relation to the petition will go to the next full meeting of the Council for a decision.   This means it usually takes two - three months for a decision to be made on a particular petition.

When preparing a petition, make sure the intent, or subject, of the action is clearly stated on every page and also make sure that each signatory provides his or her full name and address.  

If you have any queries in regards to presenting a petition to the Council, you can call Customer Services on phone 8930 0556, and you will be put through to the appropriate area for assistance.

Completed petitions should be posted to:

City of Darwin 
GPO Box 84
Darwin NT 0801

Or emailed to 

Or handed in to Customer Services at the Civic Centre, Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin City.