City of Darwin Customer Service Charter

This Customer Service Charter describes our commitment to you our customer and sets out the standards of service you can expect

It also outlines what you can do to help us deliver a more effective efficient service and informs you of the steps you can take should that service fail to meet your expectations.

Download a PDF version of the charter here

Our customer service goal

To create and maintain a customer service culture throughout the organisation that ensures the delivery of consistent and quality customer focused services whereby our customers are dealt with promptly, courteously, efficiently and effectively at all times.

Who are our customers?

At City of Darwin we believe that our customers are the people who Iive work and conduct their business in the Darwin Municipality and those who visit from within the Northern Territory Interstate and overseas.

City of Darwin's mission

To maintain Darwin as the tropical capital city of the Northern Territory offering opportunities and lifestyle to residents and visitors

We believe our ability to deliver Council’s mission is based on thee critical success factors:

Our people working together to achieve a service that is consistent friendly, helpful and continually improving. Through this we will all realise value that achieves high quality results, a satisfied community, good communication and excellent outcomes.

Guiding principles

The principles guiding the direction of City of Darwin and the way in which we provide customer service are:

  • Service - Council will strive to achieve excellence, quality and pride of service to the community using common sense, compassion and courtesy
  • Responsiveness - Council will be responsive to the needs of the community
  • Involvement – Council will provide avenues of participation and be accessible to the community
  • Responsibility – Council will act responsibly and with integrity in the interest of the community
  • Equity – Council will treat the community in an equitable manner

What service can you, our customer expect?

  • Friendly courteous, respectful, honest and ethical high quality service
  • Recognition that you have the right to be informed and consulted
  • Staff to identify themselves by name bade or personal introduction
  • Your needs to be listened to and responded to
  • Staff who are trained to provide a full range of information on Council services
  • Assistance to find solutions to problems or barriers
  • Provision of a reference service to an identified contact point If we are unable to provide the service you need
  • A culture that is based on being a 'Can do' Council
  • The Civic Centre offices to be open from Monday- Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (except public holidays)
  • The City's facilities to be maintained in a safe and proper manner to ensure convenience end comfort to our customers

Where possible we aim to provide

  • A counter service queuing time of less than five minutes
  • Telephone calls to be answered within six rings
  • Telephone messages to be responded to before the close of business on the day
  • Simple requests such as those for application forms, information sheets or general enquiries will be responded to within one working day.
  • Telephone requests for service of a more complex nature will be recorded in our computerised Customer Action Request System. Notification will be given within five working days of the outcome or status of the request
  • If you write to us, we will acknowledge or respond to your correspondence within five working days of receipt