Strategic Management

City of Darwin developed an Environmental Management Plan in 2005 to protect the values of the coastal, urban and rural environments in Darwin. The Environmental Management Plan was developed in consultation with the community, stakeholders and the Environmental Management Plan Advisory Committee.

In the development of the Environmental Management Plan a Darwin Environmental Atlas was produced. The Darwin Environmental Atlas is based on the city’s 24 identified hydrological sub catchment boundaries, referred to as Catchment Management Units. The Atlas provides residents with a summary of their living and built environment.

It was also the basis for the Greenhouse Action Plan 2001-2010 which followed on from the Environmental Management Plan. This Action Plan concluded in 2010. Council has developed a new plan titled Climate Change Action Plan 2011-2020. This new plan is a combination of mitigation and adaptation iniatives which will be undertaken both internally at Council and throughout the community.

The Environment Managament Plan Advisory Committee, now referred to as the Climate Change and Environment Advisory Committee, provided input into this new plan.

Council reports against Climate Change Action Plan activities in their business management systems annually. The Action Plan is also reviewed every three years.