Renewable Energy

As a part of its Climate Change Action Plan City of Darwin has identified the introduction of renewable energy as a priority. The investigation for the potential use of renewable energy for future projects is ongoing.

At the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility, City of Darwin has created a partnership with LMS and established the first waste to energy facility in a tropical region. The Darwin Renewable Energy Facility produces electricity from methane gas harvested from the landfill which powers 1, 000 Darwin homes.

Casuarina Library Solar Generated Power Project

At Casuarina Library, City of Darwin has installed a Photovoltaic (Solar Panel) System. 

Solar energy is the energy of sunlight collected and used to generate electricity. Sunlight is a clean, renewable source of energy and with Darwin having more than 200 days of sun each year solar energy is a sensible choice for generating energy. 

The real-time power output of the solar system at Casuarina Library can be viewed at a public display at the library or click here (please use Google Chrome to access this site!)



  • Type: Photovoltaic Grid Connect System 
  • Size: 99.84 kilowatts
  • Panels: 416x240 watt polycrystalline modules
  • Pay back period: 4 years
  • System lifetime: 20 years
  • Tree offset: 4167 over 20 years
  • Greenhouse gas offset: 2588 tonnes of CO2e over 20 years

You can view a quick presentation here which provides more information about the solar panels and how they work.