Yellow Crazy Ants

City of Darwin, the Department of Natural Resources, Environment The Arts and Sport (NRETAS) and other stakeholders have undertaken a co-ordinated and comprehensive response to the discovery of Yellow Crazy Ants in Berrimah.

NRETAS has lead the charge to eliminate this pest in the Darwin Area. The NT Government has received Federal funding for an exotic ants project. City of Darwin is committed to helping to prevent the spread of this pest. Already investigations have established that the Yellow Crazy Ant has not entered the Darwin waste stream. Council’s environmental and outdoor staff have been briefed by NRETAS on the threat and strategies to combat the problem.

City of Darwin and NRETAS are encouraging the community to get involved in this program to ensure the containment and eradication of the Yellow Crazy Ant occurs.

The community is encouraged to have a look in their yards for signs of Yellow Crazy Ants and report any findings to NRETAS on 8995 5008. Alternatively, collection kits are available for people to put in their yards to collect specimens for the Wildlife Management team.

For more information phone the NT Government on 8995 5008 or visit

 yellow crazy ants