Weed Management

City of Darwin is responsible for the control of both declared and environmental weeds on land that is managed by Council. Within the Darwin municipal boundary there are approximately  2,116 ha of recreational parks, nature reserves, national parks and native bush land which are managed and by City of Darwin, the Northern Territory Government and the Department of Defence.

261 weed species have been identified in the Darwin city area. Of particular concern is the widespread infestation of public land by Mimosa pigra, a  “Weed of National Significance”.

Gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus Kunth.), and Mission Grass (Pennisetum polystachion) have invaded savannah ecosystems throughout the Top End and are a common sight on vacant land, road verges, parks and bushland in Darwin. Management of these grasses is important because of their ability to compete with native vegetation and significantly alter natural fire regimes.  

City of Darwin has developed a Weed Management Guide(WMG) which includes information and advice received from stakeholder organisations, including the Northern Territory Government’s Weed Management Branch, Parks and Wildlife, NT Health Entomology Department and Greening Australia. The guide was developed to provide the framework for long-term coordinated weed management in Darwin to ensure the protection, health and integrity of native bushland, parks, foreshores, wetlands and waterways such as Rapid Creek.

For more information on weed management please visit the Northern Territory Government website.