East Point Agile Wallaby Management Program

City of Darwin has been managing the Agile Wallaby population at East Point Reserve to ensure their long term conservation since 1989. The management program aims to maintain a viable population of Wallabies at East Point by maintaining and enhancing the natural habitat.

Research conducted by Charles Darwin University has determined that a viable Agile Wallaby population for an area such as East Point is approximately 250-300 animals. The latest population survey conducted in September 2013 indicated that there were approximately 114 animals at East Point well with sustainable population numbers.

Council is committed to retaining a population of Wallabies and has partnered with the Charles Darwin University and local environmental consultants who provide scientific advice. Council focuses on the following key areas in its management approach.

Maintain a viable population of Agile Wallabies

  • Population numbers are regularly surveyed and monitored.

Manage the potential threats to the Agile Wallaby population

  • Council Maintains feral animal control

Maintain the quality of native vegetation in the Reserve

  • Council undertakes regular revegetation and weed control programs throughout the Reserve.

Promote public awareness of the Agile Wallaby population

  • Council provides information to the public regarding the management of Agile Wallabies at East Point Reserve.


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