Anula Frillneck Lizard Management Program

The frillneck lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii) is an iconic wildlife species that is common in the suburbs of Darwin City. It belongs to the family Agamidae (commonly known as Dragons), which consist of 64 species in Australia (Cogger, 2000). Frillneck lizards are arboreal, insectivorous, and are widespread and common across the tropical savannas northern Australia and Papua New Guinea (Shine & Lambeck, 1989, Griffiths and Christian 1996).

In Darwin, Frillneck Lizards occur in greater numbers than they naturally occur in their native habitat. This is probably due to the widespread availability of favourable habitat offered in Darwin that mimics their preferred natural habitat: dense trees surrounded by short grass and the absence of fire. In addition, the absence of wildfire in the suburban landscape increase their chances of survival.

City of Darwin commissioned Charles Darwin University to monitor and report on Frillneck Lizard populations at Yanyula Park in Alawa and will be undertaken on a regular basis in order to determine wether any changes to the population are occurring, particularly with the recent arrival of Cane toads into Darwin.

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