City of Darwin aims  to develop a better urban environment through:

  • Environmentally sustainable planning, design, construction;
  • Better outcomes in weed,  and soil erosion control and open space and natural areas management and protection;
  • Maintaining public access to foreshores and protecting foreshores;
  • Ensuring new developments have minimum impact on the foreshore environment;
  • Maintaining parks and gardens planting native trees and undertaking weed control programs; and
  • Land rehabilitation and revegetation.

In the Evolving Darwin – Strategic Directions Towards 2020 and Beyond City of Darwin has outlined the following strategy under:

  • Outcome 4.1 - Be a leader with climate change policies
    • 4.1.2 Develop and implement a Coastal Management Plan

Coastal Erosion is a serious issue in Darwin foreshore areas. City of Darwin commissioned an Investigation of Coastal Erosion at East Point and Nightcliff by staff from the Centre for Regional Climate Change Studies and the Centre for Geoinformatics Research and Environmental Assessment Technology at Southern Cross University in early 2008.