Native Animals

The Darwin municipality has a large range of native plants and animals adding to its unique biodiversity.

Sites such as East Point Reserve have been surveyed for species present, with a comprehensive report of flora and fauna being conducted in 2013.

The Northern Territory Government’s Parks And Wildlife Commission is responsible for managing wildlife in the Darwin region. For more information on wildlife visit their website.

To report any injured wildlife please contact Wildcare NT by phone: 08 8988 6121 email: or visit their website.

City of Darwin has introduced a number of management programs for native animals on Council land.

As part of the East Point Agile Wallaby Management Program Council, in partnership with the Charles Darwin University, has been monitoring the population of Agile Wallabies at East Point Reserve since 1989.

The Alawa Frill Neck Lizard Program involves regular surveys and reporting of Frillneck Lizard populations at Yanyula Park in Alawa.

The Atlas Moth project. As part of the larger biodiversity management plan of East Point Reserve the City of Darwin is undertaking extensive planting of important breeding and feed plants to allow the reintroduction of the threatened species Attacus Wardii