Council is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable Darwin, as outlined in Goal 3 of Evolving Darwin Towards 2020 Strategic Plan. In doing so, Council recognises that creating habitat is a vital step in not only reducing its environmental footprint, but ensuring Darwin’s flora and fauna are still around for the next generations.

Biodiversity plays a huge part in our lives up here in the Top End. For example, Darwin topped the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Sustainable Cities index in 2010 because of its high habitat connectivity and excellent air quality. Darwin Harbour is one of the top ten Coastal Hotspots identified by the Federal Government, with a range of mangroves species, sea grass, dugongs and dolphins. And it is right on our doorstep. Click here for the East Point Reserve Biodiversity 5 Year Management Plan.

City of Darwin has also acknolweded the importance of biodiversity by including a number of biodviersity related actions within its Climate Change Action Plan 2011-2020.

George Brown Memorial Scholarship recipient Daisy Lippiatt recently undertook short term employment with City of Darwin. Here are the findings from her research project into Cane Toads at East Point Reserve.